Type: Event Infrastructure
Status: Complete
Role: conceptual design,

design development,

construction documents,

construction administration

Colin Grover
Evan Marnoch

Liz Wreford

Marcelle Lussier

Shawn Stankewich


A collaboration of PIKE Projects, URBANINK and Plain Projects.

Hygge House is a winning entry for the Warming Huts v.2013: An arts + architecture competition on ice.

AZURE Annual Best Design Winner 

- "Best Architecture: Temporary and Demonstration" 

- "People's Choice" 

Hygge House is cozy. It is a simple wood framed structure; a reproduction of one of the most cherished symbols of Canadiana – the wilderness cottage. Within Hygge House, artifacts of cottage life set the stage for an authentic depiction of the comfort and familiarity of the weekend getaway. The entire interior of Hygge House is painted fluorescent yellow. Coating the contents not only creates a warm, inviting space, sheltered from the wind – it also creates a stage set where the visitors to Hygge House become essential components of the experience through play and imagination. The exterior of the house is painted black to contrast the white snow and bright interior essentially becoming a 'picture frame' for the activities happening in the yellow interior. As well, the yard is defined by a perimeter of trees, ‘planted’ in the ice and painted black to further protect the space and create a gathering space in front of the house. Although the house is full of mounted antlers and fish, warm blankets, a working wood stove, old baseball hats, comic books, plaid shirts, and old tins of matches, Hygge is only truly achieved when people come together. Hygge House is a place for warmth and togetherness.

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