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proto pod print

TEAM BOOKPOD was formed to take an idea and realize it in the most appropriate way possible – digital design and fabrication in this instance. This method starts with a sketch of something quite fantastical and, instead of compromising the idea in order to suit the construction method, digital fabrication was chosen as the best way fabricate the object while maintaining the integrity of the initial concept.

Little Free Library 

StoreFront / MAA 




PIKE Projects

Colin Grover, M. Arch



Faculty of Architecture 

University of Manitoba 

Kim Wiese - Instructor, Head of Digital Curriculum 

Jason Hare - Lab Co-ordinator 

Kim is an instructor in the Environmental Design Program at the Faculty of Architecture.  Jason is working on his Masters Thesis in Landscape Architecture.  Kim and Jason are currently spearheading the Digital Fabrication Initiative at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Architecture.

Brandon Bergem 

Faculty of Architecture

STUFF Collaborative

5468796 Architecture

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