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ArtHouse: A Social Kitchen 

Gary, Indiana, USA 



A PIKE Projects / RAW Gallery Collaboration



Freeway Scale –


Rushing past neighborhoods. Rushing past industry. Everything flashing by.

The rhythm of the sodium lights sliding across my windshield… 

then a sub-pattern, a compound motion, comes into my periphery off to the right.

A parallax within a parallax generates a cluster of bright blue motion on the evening’s horizon…  

and it’s twinkling

at me.

Concept Summary – The Conversation


Change in Gary will come from the people of Gary.


Know your neighbor.


For anybody at any time.


The core idea of this project is a community forum that is accessible to anybody at any time. A distinct point, a disruption in the Gary community fabric that celebrates happenstance and casual conversation. A place with universal access and appeal where many paths can cross and pause – a forum or agora.

A Circle.

A social dynamic that builds up from existing patterns through people who are already coming to ArtHouse – attending programs, banquets, receptions. – through people taking a smoke break, walking the ‘cyan carpet’ to their high school grad reception, a restful pause while walking the dog, a band stand, community meetings, urban lunch break on a sunny day, Easter Morning sunrise service, autographs after the ball game, Tai Chi, lecture series…  the start of a market that begins to activate a dormant parking lot.


This circle for gathering is announced and celebrated by the tower – a far reaching exclamation of the value and import of this program. An object of wonderment and a beacon.


The tower is a gateway marking the threshold and path between ArtHouse and the parking lot.

Arthouse Render_v4
Art House from Freeway
ArtHouse render AD
Cyan Sundial Final
201710231703 sm

201710231703 sm

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