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My professional history is rich and varied. I have worked with a number of firms in the capacity of architectural technician, designer, project lead, client relations, operations manager, business development and bookkeeping/accounts management. I co-founded an architectural practice in 2008, I’ve led my own design firm for a number of years and have ventured into property development.

I have spent 2 years as president of a mid-size construction firm in a partner-track position. My goal was to integrate a general contracting firm with my design practice to take advantage of efficiencies and control for both client and self-driven projects.

My capabilities in both the architectural and construction aspects of large, public and private sector building projects equip me well to bring effective, efficient communication, decisive leadership and quality workmanship to your projects. One result is schedules that stay on track thereby protecting profits and strengthening relationships with clients, consultants and trades. Another is meaningful end-user experience through the effective realization of concept as a product of insightful design decisions and resourceful contract administration. My in-depth 

understanding of the construction industry has given me a renewed enthusiasm for bringing my skills to bear on increasingly complex design projects.  

I am drawn to projects that are collaborative, organised and with a strong implementation and delivery process. I believe that a harmonious team environment is key to realizing successful projects and look forward to productive work together.


Master of Architecture – Manitoba Association of Architects Thesis Medal

2000 – 2005

University of Manitoba & University of Minnesota (Twin Cities Campus)


Bachelor of Environmental Design


University of Manitoba


General Studies

University of Manitoba

2 years of Social Science, Science, Philosophy, Film

1.5 Years of Engineering


Teaching Experience

Presently a regularly invited critic to the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba

2008 TECHNOLOGY INSTRUCTOR Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba

2007 STUDIO COURSE INSTRUCTOR Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba

2004 - 2005 STUDIO COURSE TEACHING ASSISTANT for Dean of Architecture David Witty, University of Manitoba


Continuing Education

National Building Code – Red River College – Winter 2010

Construction Estimating – Winnipeg Construction Association – Winter 2016

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